Protect your expensive gadgets and cars with product protection plans

Protect your expensive gadgets and cars with product protection plans

Have you heard of a new product warranty concept called Extended Warranty? Like most you will also find this term novel. To read more about Extended Warranty in India read on. With the increase in the use of convenience products such as mobile phones and other gadgets they have certainly added the benefits that customers can enjoy without forgetting. However these goods can be accidentally damaged and cause unexpected problems for users. The same can be said about electrical goods and appliances. When they get injured or need attention its very hard to get these repaired because you have to cover the costs from their own pocket.

In fact handhelds and electrical appliances are damaged. No matter how much you take off your handset it is likely to be damaged due to falls or water or any other accident. At this time your thoughts are just about how to get your phone or device repaired again. In addition such accidents are usually not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

At this point your budget may be affected as you may need to pay for repairs every time your phone or device gets damaged. If your mobile phone can not be repaired Your budget may be bothered again as you will need to spend a noticeable amount of money for a new one. This process also consumes a lot of your precious time.

Additionally if you have a vehicle like a car then the average cost of repairing it if it gets damaged will be a stylish five digit image. At first the cost of the car is generally high which means you can manage your budget while you buy one. Furthermore any damage to the car may interfere with your budget. Therefore even if you can be happy to buy a vehicle it will also be such a concern.

Some of the concerns that you may encounter when buying a car are generally centered around a breakdown or accident. At this time the cost of getting your vehicle back along the way may exceed your budget or at least throw your budget out of gear. The first thought that comes to your heart is how to protect yourself from such costs.

The same scenario is replayed if you own todays costly modern appliances. Products like televisions laptops digital cameras refrigerators and camcorders are common in many homes across the country. These appliances and electronic gadgets are expensive items for most families and if they stop working they may be repaired or replaced is an expensive proposal.

With the above examples it is obvious that the products and services that we usually use are incorrect sometimes within the warranty period. The risks involved are many. Some of the common problems that consumers face are costly repairs for the product additional costs if the product can not be repaired and an unfriendly and an uncomfortable repair and replacement process.

So would not it be good if these products had a longer warranty on them? Extended warranty is increasingly accepted in India. Due to the limited warranties for these products Extended Warranty now receives wide acceptance in retail consumer and car segments in India. This concept is provided by other companies than the manufacturer in the form of appropriate product protection plans. These plans cover your product for a long time even if the manufacturers warranty expires.

For phones companies that are part of the Extended Warranty Company now offer the handset protection plan along with additional coverage as unintentional damage during handling. Such plans run concurrently with the manufacturers warranty. They have practical features like repairing the phone if it is damaged practically free of cost to the owner. The plans have a replacement or repair of the mobile phone every time it gets damaged at almost no cost to the owner. If the phone can not be repaired it will be replaced.

For appliances and electronics an Extended Warranty Plan will provide replacement or repair of your product. As part of the Extended Warranty Plan it is possible to extend the warranty period and also improve coverage and services during the extended warranty period. The product is repaired at no cost to the owner and if repair is not possible it will not be replaced to the owner of the product. Plans for cars provide coverage for both new and finished cars. The plan provides a repair every time the car fails and in practice no cost to the owner. The repair is done at the nearest authorized repair center. The plan also provides free car driving within a certain mileage.

This new concept thus raises concerns about the products you buy with your hard earned money and gives you complete peace

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